With a very unique style of art, Eric has been an artist his entire life.

Born in Silver City, NM Eric and his family moved 2 hours south when he turned 6 down to a city called Las Cruces, NM. There is where he would start to develop his passion for art. In elementary his teachers would scribble on a scratch piece of paper and watch him draw a very creative piece of artwork.

As he got into high school he was quickly noticed by school teachers and even the principles where they would ask him to draw and paint school pride murals. He was soon known as one of the best artist in school. He finally graduated and headed to Tempe, AZ to pursue is all time dream and that was to be a computer animation artist. He attended an art school where he would get his first taste of working with clay and making creatures. He took a liking to making movie monsters and soon put that idea in his head.

When he met his girlfriend soon she became fiancĂ© Kari Larwood, they decided that it was time to start working on his movie dreams. Eric attended special effects make up school at Joe Blasco Make Up Center in Hollywood, CA where he began a career in the movie industry. He lived in his car for 11 months all while going to class and working on numerous independent films which afforded him the opportunity to meet many celebrities like Cherie Johnson (star of “Punky Brewster”, “Family Matters” and “I Do, I Did”). He also just finished writing his first fantasy novel in hopes to one day turn it into a feature film.

Eric is also known for his beautiful tattoo and canvas work.

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